Weeknight Class

Syllabus - Homiletics 201

Enrollment in this class is for OABS preaching students only

Instructor: Rick Popejoy


A study of the principles of sermon construction and delivery by examining great biblical preachers. You must complete Homiletics 101 before taking this course.


The KJV Bible will be our primary textbook. Instructor’s notes will be provided throughout the course.


There will be three tests during this course. The 1st test at the end of week six. The 2nd test at the end of week ten. The 3rd and final test at the end of week fifteen and will consist of preaching a sermon during class.

Students will be required to produce six sermon outlines by the end of the course. A template for the outline will be a part of the instructors’ notes.

Students will be required to send a video recording of them preaching at least one sermon during the course. It can be a private recording but, if possible, it should be a publicly delivered sermon.


Factors entering the final grade will be (1) attendance, (2) participation, (3) sermon outlines, (4) sermon delivery, and (5) tests.


Homiletics 201 classes meet each Tuesday night for 15 sessions. Each Tuesday Night will consist of a fifty-minute session, meeting from 8:00 PM to 8:50 PM CTZ. It is expected that there will be two breaks during the schedule, but there will be a total of 15 Tuesday Night sessions.

Examples of Biblical Preaching:

1. The Charge of “Instant” Preaching

2. The Preaching of Elijah & Elisha

3. The Preaching of Gad & Samuel

4. The Preaching of Nathan & Micaiah

5. The Preaching of Isaiah & Jeremiah

6. The Preaching of Ezekial & Daniel

7. The Preaching of Ezra & Nehemiah

8. The Preaching of the Pre-Exilic Minor Prophets

9. The Preaching of the Post-Exilic Minor Prophets

10. The Preaching of John the Baptist

11. The Preaching of Peter &  John

12. The Preaching of Paul & Apollos

13. The Preaching of Jesus

14. Almost Thou Presuadest Me

15. Wrap-Up