Syllabus – Zephaniah - Malachi

Instructor: Russ Earl


To dig deep into the text of the last four books of the Minor Prophets (Zephaniah through Malachi)

To provide reading assignments, study questions, and memory work to encourage good personal Bible study habits

To supply modern day application from Old Testament historical events and exhortations


The King James Version of the Bible

See the Google Classroom homepage for assignments and due dates. 


Prior to the class when we begin to study a new book of the Bible, read that book in its entirety prior to the weekly Biblical text that we will be studying in each class

The Biblical text should be read according to the course schedule before each day of class

Along with the reading assignments, the study questions should be completed.

In addition, memory work assignments are to be completed each week


All reading and memory work assignments are to be completed before class begins

Study questions over the previous class lecture and reading assignments are due on Tuesday following each week's class session. (10% will be deducted from the grade for late quizzes.) All of them will be sent out via email at the beginning of this course. Please copy and paste each week's study questions into an email, answer them, and send them to the instructor for grading. Please note the course and the week number of the study questions in the subject line of the email. Please do not send them as an attachment. The study questions are open book, so feel free to use your Bibles when answering questions.

Memory work assignments will also be sent with the study questions at the beginning of the course. Once the verse(s) are memorized, please type them into an email from memory, grade them, and send them to the instructor with the grade in the subject line.

There are no tests in this course. The study questions serve the same purpose.


Memory work and reading assignments will account for 40% of the final grade

Study questions will account for 60% of the final grade


Classes meet each Saturday for 18 weeks beginning the first Saturday in August through the third Saturday in December with the exception of two breaks. Each Saturday will consist of one fifty minute session which meets from 4:00 - 4:50 PM CTZ.


1 Introduction to Zephaniah and chapter 1

2 Zephaniah chapter 2

3 Zephaniah chapter 3

4 Introduction to Haggai and chapter 1

5 Haggai chapters 2

6 Introduction to Zachariah and chapter 1

7 Zachariah chapters 1-2

8 Zachariah chapters 3-4

9 Zachariah chapters 4-5

10 Zachariah chapters 6-7

11 Zachariah chapters 7-8

12 Zachariah chapters 9-10

13 Zachariah chapters 10-11

14 Zachariah chapters 12-13

15 Zachariah chapters 13-14

16 Introduction to Malachi and chapter 1

17 Malachi chapters 1-2

18 Malachi chapters 3-4