Syllabus – Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther

Instructor: Toney L. Smith


In this class we will observe God's providential hand in the preservation of the Jewish captives.

Jesus will be in the lineage of these people that will be set free and who will restore the city of Jerusalem.


We will conduct our studies from the King James Version of the Bible.

This will ensure conformity in our word studies and reading assignments.


Ezra and Nehemiah by Bob Winton


It is imperative that you read the assigned text for each class prior to coming into the class.

You will also be given word studies to do from time to time. These are to be completed by our next class time.

Please do not just copy and past from a Bible dictionary (Strong's; etc.).

Note various ways the word is translated in other passages.


There will be four tests given during the semester.

They will cover the four sections of our study.

These tests will come at the close of lessons 6, 11, 13 and 18.

These tests are to be completed and turned in by 8 AM at the next scheduled class time.

In addition to these four tests there will be some pop quizzes from time to time.

These quizzes are to be answered and turned in by 8 AM on the Monday following the class.

These are to be short but thorough answers.

Points will be deducted from assignments that are turned in late.


Our semester studies begin the second Saturday in January.

We will have two breaks during the semester.

Our class sessions will be for approximately 50 minutes in length beginning at 11 AM CTZ.



1 Introduction, background and Ezra 1

2 Ezra 2

3 Ezra 3

4 Ezra 4

5 Ezra 5

6 Ezra 6 (Test #1)

7 Introduction, background and Esther 1-2

8 Esther 3

9 Esther 4

10 Esther 5-7

11 Esther 8-10 (Test #2)

12 Ezra 7-8

13 Ezra 9-10 (Test #3)

14 Nehemiah 1:1-2:8

15 Nehemiah 2:9-6:19

16 Nehemiah 7-10

17 Nehemiah 11-12

18 Nehemiah 13 (Test #4)

I am looking forward to our study together and pray that it will benefit all concerned.

Please feel free to contact me whenever the need arises: